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Is Do It Yourself Product Photography Worth the Risk?

Product photography can make or break your ecommerce site.

Fountain Pen Catalog Sample New York Photogenic (Image)

You’ve got a great product, a fantastic website, and an SEO expert who has put your site on top, but your sales are half of what they should be. You rack your brains; you consult every how-to you can find online, but you’re doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing. Desperate, you start to obsess over the catalog copy that you’ve written, measuring every article, editing each line down to the nub, and then, suddenly, the answer hits you hard, right between the eyes, as you’re scrolling through your featured items on your smartphone.

It’s the images. Your product images are pixelated, and instead of standing out against an even, clean white background, they are underscored by smudged, oddly colored shadows, the aftereffects of a botched Photoshop job.

It seemed simple enough to do it yourself, to buy the little tabletop product tent and the fluorescent lights that bend around on their metal stalks and that used DSLR that you picked up for almost nothing in an online auction, and with all of the DIY articles that you bookmarked and your super cheap subscription to Photoshop, you really were convinced that you had the photography angle under your thumb. But it turned out to involve many, many more hours than you expected, and you ran up against a deadline as your launch date came near, so there were a few corners you cut, maybe a few too many. And now you’re paying for it.

Retail Ecommerce Shoe Photo Sample by New York Photogenic (Image)

Think your product photography isn’t important? Without good pictures of your products, it doesn’t matter how quickly your pages load on your site or whether your online store is optimized for every mobile device and tablet under the sun. In the virtual worlds that we live in today, great product photography is paramount to achieving great sales. Without an image that sells, there is no call to action, no discount code that will make the casual visitor your regular customer.

Don’t make the same mistake twice: no matter what your product is, New York Photogenic can create catalog images for ecommerce that will drive up your sales and turn your site into the next big thing. With experience that is as varied as our client list, we’ve photographed clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, consumer electronics, furniture, and artwork, and we continue to add to our product photography repertoire each and every month.

Take a look at our product photo galleries for some insights into what makes our product photography stand out, and then contact us to set up your free consultation. We’ll take a look at your product line and provide a no frills quote within twenty-four hours.

Your ecommerce customers will thank you for it!

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